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6 Nov

Trainer Spotlight: Brian Adams

Cypress Fitness is a New Orleans local, non-franchise group fitness and personal training gym. Trainers include Brian Adams, Brandon Bergeron, Jamie Schmill, Caroline Crove, Christopher Greer, Shamus Rohn and Danny Evans.

What is your current training goal(s)? Lots of mobility. Working on getting hips and ankles better for knee health and better martial arts and soccer performance. And bench press. Cause it’s just fun.

Why did you become a trainer? I’ve always loved athletics and seeing what the human body is capable. I love watching people create brain-body connections as they move better, get stronger, and become more confident in their own ability. It’s cool to watch people’s transformations not only physically but in the process of getting to know themselves!

What is your training or sport background? I grew up playing soccer since I could walk and always loved playing whatever sports or physical games were happening. Also have been practicing and now teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi for the last 17 years.

Who is your favorite fitness person and why? Eesh, that’s tough, I have a lot of fitness heroes. Bruce Lee is probably number one for me. For coaches/trainers I really like Dan John and Mike Boyle. All these people are very good at keeping things as simple and straight forward as possible!

Do you use any fitness apps on your phone? Not for me personally. I use My Fitness Pal with clients when working on nutrition with them.

What is your favorite fitness website? Breaking Muscle and Girls Gone Strong

What is your training philosophy with your clients? Keep it simple and don’t get hurt. Push them hard without overwhelming and all things in balance. I want them leaving feeling better not worse. Also long term changes not quick fixes. I want their success to be life-long!

What are some new things you are experimenting with in training that you might be implementing soon? I like isometrics. Slow and controlled movements to pattern good strong biomechanics throughout the range of motion then using that in faster more explosive ways.

What is a favorite training program that you’ve done in the past? I really loved to hate training for our kettlebell sport competition. Building strength and endurance at the same time and you get really good at one exercise with lots and lots of reps… You end up never wanting to do a kettlebell snatch or long cycle (clean and jerk) ever again but then it carves out a special place in your heart!