Program Design

In this model we write you a program, specific to your goals, that you follow 2-3x per week at your convenience. In the beginning of each month you will receive a personal consultation where we review the program with you and ensure that you understand all of the movements and requirements. Your trainer will also regularly check-in with you, as you’ll be documenting your progress with each workout. Group sessions are still offered, but considered only as supplemental, as following the program is primary. Each month we assess your progress from the previous month and make adjustments so that you continue to make progress.

So why follow a program? A program ensures progress and results. Often gyms offer workouts and classes that are too random. We minimize this in our group classes with monthly areas of focus, but regardless this is still a disadvantage of group classes. With random exercise it is easy to make progress for at least 6 weeks. However sometimes people begin to plateau soon after. This is where a program can offer enough focus to continually adapt to the training. Of course, there are some drawbacks to a program as well, such as having less of a group dynamic to motivate you. It’s important to know what is the best fit for you. Remember the thing you will do consistently is king!

If you want to reach your goals as efficiently as possible, want a program tailored to your wants/needs, or feel that you’ve plateaued with your progress, then this option is for you! If you have trouble motivating yourself to workout on your own, or struggle without a trainer watching every rep, then this option is probably not a good fit. Many like our gym because of the personal attention we provide. This is a step further in that direction. The program option is a bridge between personal training and group classes. If you’d like to begin a program please review the options on the rates page. If you’d like you can choose a package that provides group sessions to supplement your program. Contact us to get started. We’ll send you a questionnaire so that we can begin writing your custom program, and we’ll also get you scheduled for a session with a trainer in order to review the program.