Nutrition Coaching

To get from point A to point B, we take one step at a time. Until we learn to fly, it’ll always be one step, then another!

At Cypress Fitness, we specialize in helping you create long-lasting, sustainable habits with regard to your eating, lifestyle, and environment, one achievable goal at a time. If you have any experience with trying diets that seem to work at first only to quickly move in the opposite direction of your goals, you’ll know that many of them are quick fixes and ensured to fail. Nutrition coaching at Cypress is not a quick fix, but a proven system of helping you get in touch with your own hunger and satiety cues and creating the healthy habits you need for a lifetime of success!

Cypress Fitness’ Nutrition Coaching program is part of the Precision Nutrition system; Precision Nutrition is all about setting healthy habits and long-term, sustainable changes. We use a blend of online coaching through Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach as well as in-person check-ins. 

What you can expect: 

  • Baseline assessments and goal-setting through ProCoach
  • Individualized nutritional plan strategy, including the “5-Habits” and “Superfoods Checklist”
  • Kitchen and grocery store field trips (if necessary)
  • Continuing education lessons
  • Daily online check-ins via ProCoach
  • Regular access to Coach Emily via ProCoach
  • Minimum of 3x a week check-ins with Coach Emily
  • Monthly in-person check-ins with Coach Emily (or more, if requested)
  • The best combination of a self-guided online program that lets you set your schedule with the accountability of a live coach!

Meet Coach Emily

Contact us to sign-up, or if you’d like more details and a complete program outline.