Emily McWilliams

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Emily McWilliams is a long-time member of Cypress Fitness, and part of what brought her to Cypress Fitness as a member is the same thing that inspired her to become a personal trainer: Emily appreciates and values the importance of moving well and is always learning new ways to do this. She brings a focus on fun with a can-do attitude, helping her clients to move better and improve both strength and endurance; as someone who values balance between motivation and patience, she strives to help her clients find the calm while training through breathwork and intention. Emily also enjoys delving into the details of eating habits and lifestyle (so you don’t have to!), providing you with customized, achievable goals and tips to improve your health. With a background of training for competitive tennis matches throughout her childhood, Emily now enjoys training for kettlebell sport (Girevoy sport) competitions, a daily yoga practice, and any activity that brings her outdoors on a sunny day! She is an athlete on the international PlantBuilt team, a certified fitness trainer through ISSA, and currently working toward certification as a Precision Nutrition coach. While not training, Emily regularly collaborates and tours with a variety of bands and is a composer, pianist, and piano technician who owns EJM Pianos, LLC.

Instagram: @lulu_mcwill

Areas of expertise: movement, strength, endurance, variety of competition training, kettlebells, barbell