Danny Evans

Danny Evans has been an avid kettlebell lifter since 2004. He has trained with several high level RKC Instructors over the years. In Sept. 2009, he received his HKC Kettlebell Certification from Dragon Door (RKC) in St. Paul, Minnesota. This course was led by Pavel Tsatsouline. He has also learned from his friend and Coach, Britt Buckingham, an avid kettlebell lifter, and former strength coach and weightlifting competitor, from Auburn, AL. In May 2010, he completed a Bodyweight Certification with Mr. Steve Maxwell. He enjoys bodyweight exercise, and also blending it with kettlebell training. In the Spring of 2012, he completed the IKFF Level 1 Kettlebell Certification, with Mr. Ken Blackburn, and is part of a small group of IKFF Representatives in the New Orleans Metro. A practitioner of Judo since 1996, he stays active in the grappling arts, and uses the kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight exercises, to stay in shape. He enjoys teaching others how to properly use the kettlebell and bodyweight lifts, and currently teaches the Advanced Kettlebell class every other Monday night.