Christopher Greer

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Christopher Greer is a New Orleans native who’s no stranger to the fitness world. Being involved with a variety of sports started his passion for fitness at a very young age – especially Track & Field. Receiving a track scholarship, he attended Northwestern State University studying Exercise Physiology. Between learning from the books, learning from his coaches, and training fellow teammates and classmates, Christopher quickly combined both mental and physical education and set out to change the world around him. Upon graduating he began to pursue his passion and dream in becoming a highly successful personal trainer.

Christopher’s purpose is to empower individuals through the use of proper exercise and nutrition. He helps clients reach their goals by building customized and detailed workouts and nutrition programs. Christopher’s motto is, “Find Your Greatness.” Christopher believes that through proper physical fitness, nutrition, and education any person can improve their quality of life while simultaneously inspiring those around them.

Christopher prides himself of being able to work with all fitness levels and age groups. His focused area of expertise include: fat loss, body transformation, nutrition programming, and sports specific training. Christopher thoroughly enjoys being able to take part in his client’s fitness journey and seeing the beautiful outcome of all the hard work, time, and dedication of each client.