Brian Adams

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Trainer & Co-Founder

I have always had a passion for wellness, movement and the spectacular things the human body is capable of (and also, concurrently, Star Wars). I believe that every challenge can be overcome with the right mental attitude and physical training. I have played soccer all of my life; I discovered Shaolin Martial Arts in 1998, and teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes kickstarted (all puns intended) a desire to get people to integrate movement and healthy living into their daily lives. Back in the day, the Shaolin lifestyle revolved around cultivating mind, body and spirit for overall wellness. Having personally experienced the amazing effects of this philosophy I have made it a goal to help people find their passion for movement because how it will change. your. life. It doesn’t matter if it’s martial arts, running, sports, swimming, chasing your dog at the park, kickin’ ass at Cypress Fitness… I believe in the transformative power of staying active. And I love what I do and who I get to work with. Pretty much, I think you’re awesome, and I want to you to succeed and meet your fitness and health goals to be your awesomEST.

Resume: BS Biology, AFAA CPT, Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Coach, 3rd degree Black Belt – Shaolin Do Kung Fu, 1st degree Black Sash – Shaolin Do Tai Chi, IKFF CKT1 (that’s kettlebells y’all).