What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 2-hour cancellation policy, so if you register but can't make it be sure to cancel your class at least 2 hours prior to start time to avoid losing that class (for those on Unlimited packages there is a $12 late cancel fee). If you have an emergency please let us know and we will remove you from the class roster.

Where are you located?

If it is your first class please arrive 5-10 minutes prior. We’re located inside the Landing Zone building at 625 Celeste St. Once inside, follow the hallway to the right all the way down and you’ll reach the gym. A trainer will greet you once inside and have you complete a brief health/past injury questionnaire. You will need a door code to enter the building. You should receive a temporary code in your “welcome” email when you create a profile in our Mindbody system. If you do not have a door code email us at cypressfitness[at]gmail[dot]com. If you decide to continue classes after your first class you will receive a door code that is assigned directly to you. Parking can be found on Celeste St. alongside the building. There is also a parking lot adjacent to the building (to the left if you are facing the building) near St. Thomas street. There is a black iron gate around the lot. DO NOT park behind the building to the right of our building (corner of Religious & Celeste). This is not our property and they will tow. Most members park on the street or on the grass median in front of the building.

How do I get started with Open Gym?

Contact us if you are interested in Open Gym. We would need to schedule a time with you to have a brief orientation to the gym/building and to assign you a door code for access. For Open Gym, trainers have priority over equipment if it is needed for personal training or a class. If this is an inconvenience please schedule your Open Gym workouts during non-class times. Specifically, between 5:00PM-6:30PM can sometimes be a difficult time to use Open Gym due to space. 

How do I get started with the Program Design service?

Please familiarize yourself with the details of the program here. Next, contact us with any additional questions and to get started.

How do I get started with Group Classes?

On our schedule click the ‘Sign-Up Now” button next to the first group class you would like to attend. The system will walk you through the process of creating an account with us and selecting a payment option.

I’m interested in personal training. How do I get more information or schedule a time with a trainer?

Please contact us as we will need to gather more information regarding desired times, trainer availability, goals, etc.

Why should I pay more for Personal Training when I can just take group classes?

Many reasons. The first is that you can focus in on your own goals. We’ll design a program specific to you. This will take into account your current fitness level, movement capabilities, diet, schedule, goals, likes/dislikes, and more. This will also allow you to be on a regular schedule so that you can efficiently progress to new phases of training as you’re ready. What this means is that you’ll continually make progress. We’ll both be accountable to you reaching your goals. Every part of your training is tracked. You can’t improve what doesn’t get measured! And of course, you’ll have the personal attention to work you toward perfecting your technique and form. In short, we make your training efficient and optimal.

I’ve been waitlisted for a class. What’s next?

If someone cancels his or her reservation you will receive an email notifying you that you have moved from the waitlist into the class.

Sometimes I don’t sweat as much or am not as sore after some classes. What’s the deal?

Sweating a lot and being sore are not necessarily signs of a good workout. Sometimes classes will have different focuses which is why you may feel differently. Also, having a good recovery routine will do a lot to help prevent soreness. Ideally you want to your workout to be effective but not to the point where you can’t move the next day, which will only keep you out of the gym even longer. We do our best to cycle the intensity of our workouts, even in a group setting. This will help prevent you from hitting a plateau with your progress and will also help prevent burnout.

I have a past injury that is still bothersome. Will I be able to complete one of your sessions?

Many of our clients have limitations and must avoid certain exercises. However this does not prevent them from completing sessions and getting a great workout. Before your first class, please disclose any injuries or limitations and the severity to your trainer. When in doubt, give us a call and we can discuss this with you become you commit to a class.

I’m a woman and concerned that lifting weights will make me look bigger and bulky. Will this happen?

No. Absolutely not. Getting bulky from lifting weights is perhaps the biggest myth when it comes to women and fitness. Women do not have the amount of testosterone necessary to easily bulk up. Not to mention that they would also have to be overeating and have a specific training regimen to even come close to getting bigger. Bottom line is: muscle burns calories, so in terms of weight loss it’s efficient to focus part of your routine on strength training. You’ll also get a nice metabolic boost from strength training. As we say to our clients, “Lift heavier to look lighter.”

Are you a Crossfit gym?

No. We are not affiliated with Crossfit. We’re similar in that our workouts are high intensity and we cross train different disciplines. But we use competition sparingly and also in some cases utilize different equipment and exercises. We also follow our own methodology in regard to programming and workout intensity. This is not to say that Crossfit is bad or ineffective, but rather just that we do not follow their methodology because our fundamental approach to fitness is different.

It’s been a while since I exercised. Will I be able to complete one of your sessions?

Yes. Our trainers are skilled at modifying exercises to different fitness levels. There will also be opportunities to rest more if needed. You will be challenged, but it’s also up to each individual to push himself or herself to the appropriate level. Lastly, please arrive early if it is your first class to complete a health questionnaire. You can use this time to speak with the trainer about any questions or concerns you may have.

Do I need to sign-up before coming to a class?

Yes. Our classes are by reservation only. We have a Mindbody site (https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/adm/home.asp?studioid=23636) and you can also search for us on the Mindbody mobile app. Trainers will not allow those who are not registered to attend if the class is full to capacity. If a class if full you will have an option to be added to the waitlist. If you are moved to the class from the waitlist you will receive a notification email. If it says “Call” next to a class or does not display the number of available spaces, then that means that the class and waitlist is full.