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16th, 2018

Member Spotlight: Kate Reilly

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Member Spotlight, Uncategorized, April 16, 2018

Name: Kate Reilly Company, Position and Brief Job Description: I’m a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations. Our agency investigates criminal organizations that exploit the country’s trade, travel, financial and immigration systems. How long have you been a member of Cypress Fitness? Since August 2014 What are your training goals? To get stronger! What was the experience or motivating factor that compelled you to join Cypress Fitness? Was there someone who influenced you to join? I was new to New Orleans and was looking for group fitness classes. List any Cypress Fitness classes, events, people, etc., that you find especially motivating. I think all the trainers are motivating! They all bring very unique talents and experience to their classes so it […]

01st, 2018

Tips for Effective New Year’s Goal Setting

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Uncategorized, January 01, 2018

Goooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaalllllls! (pronounce like South American soccer announcer) I am not personally someone who likes to make New Year resolutions as I feel you should be setting goals throughout the year and not wait until the New Year to get started on something you can do now. Plus most resolutions peter out in the first couple weeks and if you’re lucky, may last a month. Remember CONSISTENCY is ALWAYS more important than extremes! That being said, if it works for you please do it. Also, it gives a great excuse to implement goal setting practices in a consistent way. Maybe your first goal is a resolution to practice getting better at setting and achieving goals throughout the year…? Have a goal […]

10th, 2017

New Year Sale!

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Uncategorized, December 10, 2017

We have three great options this year to close out 2017 and start the New Year. These are new member specials but if you’re a current member they also make a great gift! Contact us to purchase if purchasing as a gift. 1-Month Unlimited Class Trial – $94.50 – Click here to purchase 2-Week Unlimited Class Trial – $29 – Click here to purchase 2-Week Unlimited Class Trial + 1 one-on-one session – $59 – Click here to purchase  

09th, 2017

December Nutrition Challenge

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Uncategorized, December 09, 2017

Rather than a physical in-gym challenge for the month of December, we’ve decided to focus on nutrition. We often do this around the holidays because it’s a good time to be mindful of what we’re eating (and drinking) with all of the parties, travel, and hard-earned time off. The challenge is simple, but not necessarily easy: maintain your current weight or lose 1 lb by the end of December. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you through the holidays (and beyond): – Increase your water intake. A great way to do this is to have a water or club soda between each alcoholic beverage. A soda/lime/bitters “mocktail” also makes a tasty substitute between alcoholic drinks. – Eat […]

06th, 2017

Trainer Spotlight: Brian Adams

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Uncategorized, November 06, 2017

What is your current training goal(s)? Lots of mobility. Working on getting hips and ankles better for knee health and better martial arts and soccer performance. And bench press. Cause it’s just fun. Why did you become a trainer? I’ve always loved athletics and seeing what the human body is capable. I love watching people create brain-body connections as they move better, get stronger, and become more confident in their own ability. It’s cool to watch people’s transformations not only physically but in the process of getting to know themselves! What is your training or sport background? I grew up playing soccer since I could walk and always loved playing whatever sports or physical games were happening. Also have been practicing […]

15th, 2017

Available for purchase until June 15. What you get: – 5 Group Classes – 2 One-on-One Sessions with a trainer – Access to 3 Nutrition Seminars (Saturdays 11:00-12:30: June 24, July 29, and August 26) With festival season slowing down for the summer, now is the time to get your fitness back on track with our strength + cardio group classes. You’ll also receive two one-on-one sessions with a trainer plus three nutrition seminars based on our Precision Nutrition coaching program! In each we’ll discuss both the science and behavior of nutrition, as well as provide you with actionable habits to adopt along the way. Click here to get started today!