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15th, 2017

Available for purchase until June 15. What you get: – 5 Group Classes – 2 One-on-One Sessions with a trainer – Access to 3 Nutrition Seminars (Saturdays 11:00-12:30: June 24, July 29, and August 26) With festival season slowing down for the summer, now is the time to get your fitness back on track with our strength + cardio group classes. You’ll also receive two one-on-one sessions with a trainer plus three nutrition seminars based on our Precision Nutrition coaching program! In each we’ll discuss both the science and behavior of nutrition, as well as provide you with actionable habits to adopt along the way. Click here to get started today!

19th, 2016

Stay on track during the holidays and commit to your fitness before January. We’re offering 50% off of our Starter Packs for new members. This includes 5 group classes and 2 one-on-one sessions with a trainer. Regularly $79 but we’re discounting to $39.50 for 48 hours only on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.   Click here to open our Mindbody site and purchase the deal. Use promo code SHOPLOCAL at checkout to apply the discount. This is a great way to start at Cypress because you’ll get the energy and motivation from our group classes but also personal attention from one-on-one sessions to help you fast-track to your goals. Current members: email us directly to purchase for a friend. […]

12th, 2016

Kettlebell Fundamentals Seminar – Summer 2016

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Uncategorized, July 12, 2016

Much of the kettlebell technique you typically see in commercial gyms and online is garbage! Our fundamentals seminar will teach you how to safely and effectively use kettlebells. In each seminar you’ll learn exercise technique and also do a short workout near the end of class. Upon completion of this seminar you will be eligible to attend our Monday night Advanced Strength & Conditioning class (aka “Kettlebell” class). Some of the benefits of kettlebell training include: – Improved strength – Incredible work capacity (strength endurance) – Enhanced athleticism – flexibility, coordination, balance etc. – Weight loss – Injury prevention – Mental toughness – Lean & functional muscle mass – Strengthening of the entire posterior chain – Core strength – Sport […]

03rd, 2016

Before & After: Six Week Summer Ready Challenge Wrap-Up

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Uncategorized, July 03, 2016

Congrats to Fallon on her amazing transformation and winning the Six-Week Summer Ready Challenge! According to Fallon, her overall key to success was being prepared. “Having my lunches and dinners ready to go, as well as preparing healthy snacks made it a lot easier to stick to a regimen.” The group met once per week for six weeks. In each meeting we covered aspects of the Precision Nutrition approach to weight loss. The approach focuses on developing healthy habits that are sustainable, rather than a quick-fix diet based around eliminating entire food groups or cutting out carbs. The results are real fat-loss, not a bunch of water weight. Even better, because they’ve adopted these new habits the weight will stay off! […]

10th, 2015

First things first: this is not a restaurant review. It’s a non-judgmental nutrition analysis of a restaurant menu.  So let’s start by throwing out the words “good” and “bad” when talking about food.  In fact this is a good change to make in general with your relationship to food. When it comes to losing weight and maintaining a balanced, healthy body, look at food more in the light of  “cause and effect” instead of  “good or bad.”  Is the food you are eating (and drinks you are drinking) contributing positively to your body transformation goals or taking you in the opposite direction?  The reason we need to get rid of words like “good” and “bad” with respect to food is […]

18th, 2014

5 Healthy Holiday Strategies

Posted by Brian Adams in Uncategorized, December 18, 2014

The holidays are here and the parties for work, friends, and family are inevitable. “But I’m doing well making it to the gym and trying my best with my good eating habits. How do I stay on track without missing out?!” Most people throw the time between mid-November and the New Year to the wind and resolve to get back to it in the New Year (or in New Orleans not until after Mardi Gras!). That’s a minimum of two months you have to account for every year. Remember, the key to a healthy body and weight loss is consistency, not extremes. Here are a few holiday strategies to stay on track and keep you consistent through the season without […]