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19th, 2018

2018 Six-Week Summer Ready Nutrition Workshop!

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Nutrition, March 19, 2018

      We’re bringing back our popular nutrition workshop series in a six-week format to get you ready for the first day of summer (June 21). Learn from Precision Nutrition certified coaches and build habits that will not only bring you results during the six-weeks but set you up to maintain your success long-term. How it works: We’ll meet 12:00-1:00 every Saturday from May 12 – June 16 at Cypress Fitness for a Precision Nutrition coaching session (see below details on each session). We record each session so that if you miss one you can stay on track. At the first session you are encouraged (but not required) to take baseline measurements (weight, body fat %, etc) and set goals for the challenge. […]

12th, 2016

6-Week Summer Ready Challenge

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Lifestyle, Nutrition, April 12, 2016

6-Week Summer Ready Challenge We’re starting this one six weeks before the first day of summer. Don’t let festival season throw you off track! Cypress’ proven nutrition coaching and workouts will bring you results just in time for the beach. We guarantee it. The participants of our Mardi Gras Challenge saw great results in a short time, not to mention it was during Mardi Gras! I wrote a blog post about it here. How it works: -We’ll meet 11:00-12:00 every Saturday from May 14 – June 18 for a Precision Nutrition coaching workshop. Remember abs are made in the kitchen! -Each week you’ll receive a new bonus day workout for you to complete in addition to your regular class schedule […]

15th, 2016

Over Mardi Gras a group of members participated in our nutrition seminar series and challenge. The series was four workshops spread over six weeks. In each we covered aspects of the Precision Nutrition approach to weight loss. The approach focuses on developing healthy habits that are sustainable, rather than a quick-fix diet based around eliminating entire food groups or cutting out carbs.  The challenge was simple: lose one pound by the end of the six weeks. Sounds easy, but if you’ve been through a Mardi Gras here then you’re well aware that the endless booze, king cake, and parade route Popeye’s make that one pound seem much more daunting. I was impressed with everyone’s progress by just attending the four […]

29th, 2015

Episode 1 – Superbowl edition. Here are some snack options for the big game. Big takeaways: 1) Remember to plan your day of eating before the game (focus on protein and veggies). 2) Use portion control for those high calorie snacks, but still enjoy them. 3) Opt for the healthier alternatives mentioned as another way to cut calories. We featured some simple snacks but there are TONS of resources online for more elaborate healthy snack options.

28th, 2014

Fat Loss Rant – Part 1

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Lifestyle, Nutrition, October 28, 2014

Two things that drive me nuts: 1. Doing something because of ritual or “this is how it’s always been done” without thought or examination. 2. Having a goal but actions that don’t align with it. Ok now I’m going to try and relate a bunch of random fat loss stuff to those points. Sorry. Disclaimer: As a trainer I can give nutritional recommendations, but the below is not meant to represent any treatment for disease. Consult your doc, yo. Also remember that much of this is my opinion from my own experience and experience with clients. Other paths may lead to the same destination. This is a “rant” type post so please don’t be offended by its directness. 1. You […]

09th, 2014

The Most Important “One Thing”

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Fitness, Lifestyle, Nutrition, September 09, 2014

A popular idea as of late is the Minimum Effective Dose. I do think this has merit. I remember hearing John Berardi speak about adopting new habits. If you attempt one behavior change your success rate is about 80%. Add one more change simultaneously (a grand total of two things here) and success drops to less than 35%. I believe this idea is mentioned in the book The Power of Less by Leo Babauta. This post is meant simply to provide examples of small changes that could yield significant results. The idea is not to do all of these. Instead only take one (or better yet create your own) and practice it until it is habit. If you think back […]