Category: Nutrition

19 Mar

2018 Six-Week Summer Ready Nutrition Workshop!

      We're bringing back our popular nutrition workshop series in a six-week format to get you ready for the first day of summer (June 21). Learn from Precision Nutrition certified coaches and build habits that will not only bring you results during the...

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12 Apr

6-Week Summer Ready Challenge

6-Week Summer Ready Challenge We're starting this one six weeks before the first day of summer. Don't let festival season throw you off track! Cypress’ proven nutrition coaching and workouts will bring you results just in time for the beach. We guarantee it. The participants...

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15 Mar

Lessons Learned – Mardi Gras Nutrition Seminar & Challenge

Over Mardi Gras a group of members participated in our nutrition seminar series and challenge. The series was four workshops spread over six weeks. In each we covered aspects of the Precision Nutrition approach to weight loss. The approach focuses on developing healthy habits that...

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29 Jan

Cypress Fitness New Orleans Vlog Episode 1 – Superbowl Snacking Episode 1 - Superbowl edition. Here are some snack options for the big game. Big takeaways: 1) Remember to plan your day of eating before the game (focus on protein and veggies). 2) Use portion control for those high calorie snacks, but still enjoy...

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28 Oct

Fat Loss Rant – Part 1

Two things that drive me nuts: 1. Doing something because of ritual or “this is how it’s always been done” without thought or examination. 2. Having a goal but actions that don’t align with it. Ok now I’m going to try and relate a bunch...

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9 Sep

The Most Important “One Thing”

A popular idea as of late is the Minimum Effective Dose. I do think this has merit. I remember hearing John Berardi speak about adopting new habits. If you attempt one behavior change your success rate is about 80%. Add one more change simultaneously (a...

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9 Jul

The Fine Line Between Healthy Ambition, Pathological Dieting & Eating Disorders

The following is a guest post from Holly Peek, MD/MPH. Holly has been training with us at Cypress for over a year. Be sure to check out her blog at ___________________________________________________________________________ Whether trying to lose weight, gain muscle or simply live an overall healthy lifestyle,...

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3 Jul


Do you know what your ideal healthy body looks like?  Do you know what your ideal healthy weight and body fat % range should be?  If you are looking at the person next to you at the gym, a magazine with a model in it,...

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28 Apr

Got protein? Options to supplement your diet.

I decided on this one to video blog. Below the video check for the links I mention and also one really interesting new protein bar that I completely forgot to include in the video! If you have questions or anything to share about brands you...

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