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25 Apr

All About Cypress Fitness

Here’s a short post for those looking to learn more about Cypress.

What and who is Cypress Fitness?

– A gym in New Orleans (since 2012)
– A group of trainers with a common goal
– A community of members

What does Cypress offer?

– Group fitness classes
– Personal training
– Custom program design (self-guided workouts)
– Open gym access
– Nutrition coaching

What does Cypress use for its training sessions?

– Free weights (kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, etc)
– Body weight resistance (TRX, pushups, pullups, etc)
– Cardio machines (rowers, ski ergs, fan bikes)
– Other forms of conditioning (jump rope, sled, med balls, battle ropes, etc)

What is Cypress’s training philosophy?

– Prioritize strength and mobility
– Train cardio in different ways (different energy systems)
– Safety first
– Use proper exercises and progressions for each person
– Be equipment agnostic (use the right tool for the job)
– Use sound training principles
– Use competition, but sparingly
– Remove barriers that keep people from training
– Create an environment where people are comfortable and look forward to training

What is the gym environment like?

– Welcoming atmosphere; non-judgmental; all are welcome
– Laid-back, friendly, fun
– Everyone starts where they are; don’t need to “get in shape” to join
– Everyone respects one another
– Learning new skills is ongoing and encouraged
– Hard work is valued
– Encouraging and motivating atmosphere

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