About Cypress Fitness

Cypress Fitness is a New Orleans local, non-franchise group fitness and personal training gym that provides strength and cardio training using a variety of equipment including TRX, kettlebells, and rowers. Our down to earth, non-intimidating atmosphere will change the way you think about gyms. We aren’t obsessed with calorie burn or moving without purpose. Our programs are planned by experienced trainers to ensure optimal progression and allow for exercise modifications to fit every individual. At Cypress we strive for quality in everything we do, providing the absolute best service to our members, and most importantly, delivering results.

Our sessions include:

  • Programmed Workouts
  • Progressive overload over the month for maximum results
  • Power development
  • Core training
  • Strength training
  • Cardio training
  • Mobility work

Our sessions are great for:

  • Body transformation (muscle vs fat)
  • Getting lean/toned (when paired with proper nutrition)
  • Strength, endurance,& mobility
  • Boosting metabolism & burning calories
  • Improved energy levels
  • Increased confidence and body awareness
  • Creating a mind-body connection
  • Keeping away aches and pains and injury prevention

We believe in:

  • Safety
  • Teaching proper technique & form
  • Designing balanced & effective programs
  • Modifying exercises based on each person’s level & ability
  • Building a foundation of strength
  • Keeping the joints mobile and healthy
  • Proper nutrition based on goals
  • A judgement-free atmosphere where all are welcome
  • A laid-back, friendly, and fun environment
  • Results that speak for themselves