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19 Mar

2018 Six-Week Summer Ready Nutrition Workshop!

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We’re bringing back our popular nutrition workshop series in a six-week format to get you ready for the first day of summer (June 21). Learn from Precision Nutrition certified coaches and build habits that will not only bring you results during the six-weeks but set you up to maintain your success long-term.

How it works:

We’ll meet 12:00-1:00 every Saturday from May 12 – June 16 at Cypress Fitness for a Precision Nutrition coaching session (see below details on each session). We record each session so that if you miss one you can stay on track.

At the first session you are encouraged (but not required) to take baseline measurements (weight, body fat %, etc) and set goals for the challenge. Before and after photos are encouraged and do not have to be taken at the gym. The aim is for each individual to reach his or her uniquely stated goals in the six weeks.

Built-in Support During the Challenge:

We’ll have a separate Facebook group for participants of the workshops, so during the six weeks we can get down to the nitty gritty of what it takes to get results. You’ll have access to a Precision Nutrition coach 24/7 along with the support of others. We’ll make much more progress as a group!

Weight Loss + A Plan for Sustaining It:

The goal of the workshop series is to get you immediate results but at the same time set you up with habits that are sustainable for the long-term. Education is a big part of the workshops. We cover nutrition science AND lifestyle considerations. This isn’t a simple “eat this/don’t eat that” course. Each person has different roadblocks when it comes to nutrition and our coaches will help you individually.

Important Dates:

The deadline to sign-up is April 28th. Click here to register in our Mindbody site.

Sessions dates include:

May 12th – Baseline measurements, goal setting, and the Five (Foundation) Habits

May 19th – Three-day dietary record, food prep, and calorie goals

May 26 – Macro-nutrient breakdown and special guest Jamie Schmill (Plant-Based Nutrition for Performance)

June 2 – Grocery store visit and practical shopping tips (location TBD)

June 9 – Micro-nutrients and supplementation

June 16 – Results, lessons learned, habit sustainability, and continuing education

Cost to Participate:

The total cost to participate in the Six-Week Summer Ready Nutrition Workshop Series is $179 (see below for special offer). That’s six sessions at $30 each, a great deal for comprehensive and intensive nutrition coaching. If you’ve completed a six-week workshop with us previously, you can participate as an alumnus in this year’s challenge for 50% off (contact us to arrange alumni status).

Don’t miss this opportunity to see results and take control of your nutrition for good!

Special Offer:

Commit before April 1st and the cost is $149! Click here and register today!


“When I was planning for my wedding last year, I took the nutrition classes and they helped me to lose 13 pounds. The classes gave me a really easy formula to follow to drop weight, stay healthy and feel full. The number one nutrition tip that I try to follow is eating 50% vegetables at every meal. It really fills me up. I started adding broccoli to my eggs every morning and eating a salad with chicken for lunch and it has helped me to maintain a weight that I am happy with.” -Stephanie H.

“I took the 6-week nutrition course last summer (2016). Brandon and Brian acknowledged that some people might be taking the class to gain weight, but I think the majority of us were trying to lose weight. Before that point, I had only ever managed to lose weight on accident, which I found very frustrating—like it wasn’t up to me. The approach we took in the course was not about calorie counting but about habit building—specifically, how difficult it is to establish new habits, and how to realistically set goals to build new habits. We talked about the habits that support a healthy diet (two that I really noticed make a difference for me are hydration and getting enough sleep; also tracking what I eat, and preparing food at home instead of eating out all the time), as well as macros (my body responds with great joy when I eat a lot of protein and fat, and a medium amount of carbs). I think probably the hardest part of the weight puzzle is figuring out how to maintain, but the information from the course, and the stuff I learned about myself through the course, has carried me through managing weight fluctuations without the usual sense of panic and lack of agency.” -Ann G.