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18th, 2014

5 Healthy Holiday Strategies

Posted by Brian Adams in Uncategorized, December 18, 2014

The holidays are here and the parties for work, friends, and family are inevitable. “But I’m doing well making it to the gym and trying my best with my good eating habits. How do I stay on track without missing out?!” Most people throw the time between mid-November and the New Year to the wind and resolve to get back to it in the New Year (or in New Orleans not until after Mardi Gras!). That’s a minimum of two months you have to account for every year. Remember, the key to a healthy body and weight loss is consistency, not extremes. Here are a few holiday strategies to stay on track and keep you consistent through the season without […]

14th, 2014

Home or Travel Workout #2

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Fitness, Workouts, December 14, 2014

10 Jump Lunges (5R/5L) 20 One-Arm Rows (10R/10L) 12 Pushups 30 Sec. Side Plank (:30R/:30L) 20 Lunges (10R/10L) 12 Chair Dips 20 Alternating Single-Leg Hip Bridges (10R/10L) 30 Mountain Climbers (15R/15L) Little or no rest between exercises. Rest 60-90 seconds (more if needed) between rounds. Complete 3 rounds. If you repeat the workout another day try to work up to completing 4 or 5 rounds.