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09th, 2014

The following is a guest post from Holly Peek, MD/MPH. Holly has been training with us at Cypress for over a year. Be sure to check out her blog at ___________________________________________________________________________ Whether trying to lose weight, gain muscle or simply live an overall healthy lifestyle, regular gym goers usually have a clear goal in mind. If working toward such a goal, healthy eating habits usually go hand-in-hand with regular sweat sessions. These are great habits to have in order to live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle and are something that doctors and fitness experts would certainly recommend. However, there does come a point when well intentioned habits straddle the line between healthy and unhealthy. When taken to an extreme, these […]

Do you know what your ideal healthy body looks like?  Do you know what your ideal healthy weight and body fat % range should be?  If you are looking at the person next to you at the gym, a magazine with a model in it, a movie star, or a pro athlete who is ripped to shreds you are looking in the wrong place. First of all any photos you see are often touched up, lighting tricks used and there are body water manipulation techniques that will make someone look a lot more toned or muscular than they actually are on a day-to-day basis.  Photo shoot ready people are not in a sustainable and healthy state.  It’s temporary.  They don’t walk around every day […]