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26th, 2014

3 Reasons You Should Try Kettlebell Sport

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Fitness, May 26, 2014

In kettlebell sport a lifter can compete in the snatch, jerk, long-cycle (clean & jerk), or biathlon (jerk + snatch) events. The lifter has 10 minutes to complete as many repetitions as possible in the event. There are rules surrounding this but that is the basic premise. If you’ve watched Olympic Weightlifting then you understand the goal of completing one repetition with a barbell at a maximum weight to test maximum strength. Kettlebell Sport is a strength endurance sport. So while the weight moved is sub-maximal, strength is still required to move the weight and endurance required to continue moving the weight over a considerable time period. Since I’m often asked why someone would want to participate in such an […]

13th, 2014

Things I Like: Float Tank Therapy

Posted by Brandon Bergeron in Lifestyle, May 13, 2014

Stay with me here, but I’m going to make a quick case on why you should get out to Metairie to float inside an enclosed tank for an hour. If you’re not familiar with float tanks (also referred to as isolation tanks) they are tanks filled with Epsom salt and a couple- hundred gallons of water. The water temperature is usually around your skin temperature (94.4 degrees) or your body temperature (97.5 degrees). The salt makes the water very dense so the floating is effortless. Ear plugs are provided and you can turn the light out once inside the tank. The temperature of the water will reduce skin sensation. In combination all of this will reduce sensation and distraction so […]